Tuesday 19th November 2019

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House of Fraser and natural fur

A Spokesman for the British Fur Trade Association welcomed the decision of House of Fraser.
“This decision confirms that people are increasingly buying natural fur that meets high animal welfare standards in rejection of fast fashion  alternatives made from materials such as single-use plastics. They should not be bullied by animal rights’ groups who would also seek to ban fish and chips and the traditional Sunday roast; the vast majority of people in Britain are comfortable to wear natural fur, the most sustainable clothing material on the market.”


Please see here (HoF – British Fur letter) for the letter sent to House of Fraser which outlines FURMARK and the dangers of fossil-fuel derived fake fur.




Nicholas Dunn-McAfee
Public Policy and Engagement Manager
British Fur Trade Association




The British Fur Trade Association is the voice of the UK fur sector.

Representing one of the most buoyant and culturally significant fur markets in the world, we promote the highest possible standards around animal welfare and environmental sustainability; work to create and maintain an evidence-led political and social environment where consumer choice and responsible business can flourish; and empower practitioners and SMEs working with natural, sustainable textiles.

We represent highly skilled practitioners and businesses that manufacture, design, and trade in fur, as well as those who provide fur services, students working with fur, those who support the use of fur, and those consumers that choose to wear fur.

The BFTA – founded in 1919 – is the UK member of the International Fur Federation.