Gabriela Ratomskaja

First Prize Winner


Gabriela is a final year BA (Hons) Fashion student at University for the Creative Arts, Rochester.


As an artist and menswear designer with my work I am always aiming to touch current world issues to bring awareness about it to the modern world societies trapped in the bubble of a perfect world in the matrix of their social media. To send the message to the people who may not have thought about it or have heard of it but chose to ignore. Therefore, my capsule collection ‘Welcome to the desert of real’ for the BFTA competition’18 was build around constant war condition in Afghanistan.

The final design was created taking inspiration from both Afghan men daily clothes and uniforms of American soldiers. Even though, the climate in Afghanistan is really warm, winters may be bitterly cold and due to poverty and the lack of warm clothes people are suffering from cold wrapping themselves in layers of thin cloths. The final coat with the mixture of earth-toned colours, textured print looking fabric, soft furs, metal fastenings and elastic drawstring cords is meant to represent the clash of harsh world and softness of the will to have a peaceful life. It is hoped to be worn by a confident, thoughtful, intelligent, calm and rational man willing to make a difference, to make a change in this world.

Tasmin Blaney

Second Prize Winner


Tasmin is a final year BA (Hons) Fashion student at Manchester Metropolitan University.


From studying textiles since early education, I have taken an artistic approach to designing this collection; plié punk. In which delicate yet disciplined ballet meets with a dark, rebellious punk. People perceive ballet as extremely pretty and feminine, yet this collection takes inspiration from the fact that ballerinas endure pain and their talent requires strength and hard work. Photography book “Rock star chic” along with the exhibition by Anthony Crickmay and street style has heavily influenced the concept. This juxtaposition of themes has been developed through detailed sampling and fashion styling. The collection embraces a range of fabrics such as chiffon, crepe-back satin, rabbit and fox fur, leather and hardware. Feminine silhouettes are key with subtle hints of street punk, introduced through non-tradition garment hardware. Elements of ballet underline the collection, along with staple fashion items.



Eliza Cseri

Third Prize Winner

Eliza is a first year BA (Hons) Fashion student at Huddersfield University


“Well, the first time I ever hear of this competition I was hesitating at first, as I wasn’t sure how my family, friends and university colleges will react and it’s all for a simple reason, which is not enough knowledge about fur and the fur industry. On the top of this I was also concerned as at the end of the day I am only a first year student and there will be students way better then me, way more experienced then me as they final year students or other individuals who are potentially doing their master. So I reached out to my tutor and some of my friends for advice, but I ended up following my own heart.


 I had a feeling inside me deep within and I just flow with it. My motivation and inspiration was to show people, even the whole world that this is not a bad thing. This is an amazing and exciting industry, where when you work with fur it’s like watching a butterfly to form. It’s not about animal cruelty, it’s the opposite. It’s about animal welfare. Back in my own history when Attila the Hun was conquering Europe, they were using fur and leather as secondary product from hunting so they can survive.


My main inspiration was Attila the Hun. I wanted to design high end outfits which inspired, influenced by my own history.

My focus group was the middle aged, professional and successful women, who can do what ever she wants, whenever she wants. She is sexy, successful and rich with an outstanding , unique but very feminine taste. 





Mollie Hawkesford

Special Recognition Award

Mollie is a final year BA (Hons) Fashion student at University of Lincoln.