Tasmin Blaney

Second Prize Winner


Tasmin is a final year BA (Hons) Fashion student at Manchester Metropolitan University.


From studying textiles since early education, I have taken an artistic approach to designing this collection; plié punk. In which delicate yet disciplined ballet meets with a dark, rebellious punk. People perceive ballet as extremely pretty and feminine, yet this collection takes inspiration from the fact that ballerinas endure pain and their talent requires strength and hard work. Photography book “Rock star chic” along with the exhibition by Anthony Crickmay and street style has heavily influenced the concept. This juxtaposition of themes has been developed through detailed sampling and fashion styling. The collection embraces a range of fabrics such as chiffon, crepe-back satin, rabbit and fox fur, leather and hardware. Feminine silhouettes are key with subtle hints of street punk, introduced through non-tradition garment hardware. Elements of ballet underline the collection, along with staple fashion items.