Dressing and Dyeing

Fur is a natural product and a fur pelt has leather on one side and the precious hair on the other. It requires gentle handling in order to be made into a durable fashion garment or accessory.

This is undertaken by specialist companies known collectively as Dressers and Dyers.

Dressing is similar to the leather tanning process but with some important differences. With leather, the aim is to remove all traces of hair. With fur, the exact opposite is true. Using crafted techniques and natural solutions they ensure that the fur maintains its natural beauty and resilience, giving the hair a perfect flow and a silky shine. The leather side needs to be made soft and supple.

Fur comes in the most extraordinary range of natural colours. But, increasingly, furs featuring seasonal trends in colours are being produced.


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There are strict regulations governing the use of chemicals and all European dressers and dyers are fully compliant with REACH, the European regulation that controls the safe use of chemicals.


For further information on the dressing and dyeing process, please see: http://ifdda.info/home.html