The British Fur Trade Association

The BFTA represents the fur sector in the UK, one of the most buoyant and successful of fur markets.  We promote high standards in animal welfare, responsible manufacturing and processing, factual and accurate information about the fur industry and the right to trade in and to wear fur.  We work to create and maintain a political and social environment in which SME’s and emerging talent can thrive.

As the UK member of the International Fur Federation, the BFTA also represents the international fur sector.

The responsible choice

Our Members

Our members are companies and entrepreneurs that manufacture, design or trade in fur, whether finished products or fur pelts or provide fur services, such as cleaning, remodelling or cold storage.

Membership benefits include:

  • Belonging to a community of like-minded business people
  • Promotion on the BFTA and Business of Fur websites
  • Ability to raise fur-related queries with BFTA team and receive expert advice
  • Regular updates on all aspects of the national and international fur trade, including legislation, political analysis and key fashion trends
  • Advice on responsible sourcing and supply-chain traceability
  • Political representation in Westminster and devolved assemblies
  • Media advice and industry positional papers
  • Commercial opportunities generated by BFTA website
  • International Fur Federation’s Global Media updates
  • Competitive insurance and free advice from risk protection specialists
  • Specialist advice on fur transport

Membership fees are set according to the profile of the applicant company. For more information about membership, please contact us.


Our Code of Conduct

The Code lays out the high standards to which all BFTA members are committed when conducting their businesses.

In order to become and remain a member of the BFTA, it is obligatory to sign and uphold our Code of Conduct.

Only then can a company claim to be a “Proud member of the BFTA”.

Our members’ Code of Conduct

  • We believe that fur must always be produced in compliance with applicable local, regional, national and international laws and regulations governing animal welfare, social and environmental standards; 
  • We only source fur from legal entities and through legal processes;
  • We are fully compliant with the principles and processes of Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES);
  • We believe that independent science is the most effective basis for determining, measuring and monitoring animal welfare and fully support Welfur, the science-based animal welfare assessment programme and equivalent fur trade initiatives;
  • We follow REACH, the European regulation that ensures the safe use of chemicals in all products entering the European market;
  • We are committed to providing clear and concise information about our products and services so that consumers can make informed buying decisions.

Educate and Inspire

Our work with students, universities and colleges continues to be a top priority. By providing factual information about fur production and the fur industry students gain an objective and informed view on topics such as, sustainability, ethics, animal welfare, fur production and processing and traceability.  We are happy to provide speakers to come along to talk to students and give them the opportunity to ask questions. These talks are balanced, transparent and very interesting!

‘I simply wanted to say that I thought the talk you gave was brilliant! It was informative, objective, and backed up well, which I must commend you on. Unfortunately there is still an amplified stigma attached to the production of fur, and I think it takes a lot not just to stand up for the use of fur, but to also educate people about it, as many people can be close minded, and even aggressive when discussing fur.   Quote from student, November 2015

We are also working to help develop students technical skills – a mix of the traditional and the innovative.  We do this by working with college staff and technicians to strengthen the fur component of courses, running practical workshops and arranging demonstrations with BFTA furriers. If you are interested in either of the above please talk to us

Associate Members

We also invite students and new graduates to join us as Associate Members. This membership is free and they too receive many benefits including:

  • Regular updates on all aspects of the national and international fur trade, including trends, fashion reports and celebrity sightings
  • Opportunities for internship, work experience and training from our trade members
  • Opportunities to network with industry and trade and attendance at fashion and trade shows
  • Involvement in the annual BFTA Design Competition and other youth programmes
  • Advice and recommendation for applying for IFF Bursaries.

‘Thanks again for all your help I do really appreciate it if it wasn’t for BFTA I would not be doing what I am now so thank you’ Quote from a young designer Associate Member, March 2016.

For more information on Associate Membership & how to join please contact us.