Creative techniques

Fur is the oldest fabric known to man. And yet we see constant innovation in production, in processing and in use. New ideas for working with fur begin with an understanding of the natural fabric and the various techniques available to innovate from the base pelt. This can mean familiarity with dressing techniques so you understand the scope of materials available; or, it can mean know-how in actually working with fur techniques.

For example, plucking, shearing and shaving remove some of the hair and transform a natural pelt into something very different. Crossing allows fur to be easily combined with other light fabrics, for spring and summer use. Airgallon is one of the most commonly used techniques for making fur lighter. It stretches it out and makes holes for length so that the fur becomes longer and more breathable. With jigsaw pieces of fur are applied to a range of fabrics in the style of a jigsaw, forming interlocking pieces. There are many more!

Fur and fashion are inextricably linked but fur is, increasingly, being integrated into other areas of design. Fur works perfectly for luxurious interiors, either as decorative touches or practical pieces, and the material is ideal for all kinds of accessories.

Much innovation in fur techniques is led by the major fur auction houses, Saga Furs and Kopenhagen Fur, both of whom have their own design studios/schools where many designers are invited to seminars and courses where they learn more about fur creativity.