Slow Fashion and Natural Products Manifesto

Next Government must fix fast fashion crisis – Thursday 5th December 2019

A week before voters go to the polls, parties are being urged to commit to a five-point plan to tackle fast fashion, actively encourage the use of natural, sustainable textiles, and convene a fashion crisis conference once in power. 

The Slow Fashion and Natural Products Manifesto sets out viable policies – including tax incentives, improved regulations, and new transparency measures – that, if enacted, would bring an immediate boost to businesses already creating, repairing, and remodelling natural, sustainable products and would incentivise others to adopt these biodegradable materials.

They would also increase consumer confidence at a retail level with an improved, enhanced labelling scheme so that consumers can see exactly what they are buying and also understand the environmental impact of their purchases. 

Additionally, they would help the next Government meet its goal of playing a leading role in driving up animal welfare standards globally.

The five-point plan calls on the next Government to:

  • Incentivise garment reuse, repair, and remodelling by removing VAT from those services
  • Spur the slow fashion revolution by halving VAT on garments made of more than 90% natural, sustainable textiles
  • Create a better post-Brexit labelling scheme that includes environmental impact and durability information
  • Introduce transparency obligations on businesses to educate the public on microfibre pollution, environmental impact, product end-of-life, and fossil-fuel derived textiles
  • Drive up animal welfare standards globally, embrace its status as an independent party to CITES, and recognise certification schemes such as FURMARK.

The full Slow Fashion and Natural Products Manifesto can be read here and has been published by the British Fur Trade Association.

Giles Roca, Chief Executive, British Fur Trade Association, said:

“Fast fashion isn’t in crisis – fast fashion is a crisis. The public rightly expect the next Government to support slow, circular fashion that uses natural, sustainable materials: the Slow Fashion and Natural Products Manifesto gives them five salient, viable policies to help them achieve their environmental ambitions. There are no quick fixes, but there is still time to embrace and encourage slow fashion.”