Fur care

Fur is a long term investment and can last a lifetime. Here are some tips that you can follow to maintain your fur garment.


Professional storage during the summer months is most important to protect your fur from insects, heat damage, oxidation or mildew. Fur vaults specifically designed to protect the lasting quality of a fur garment offer temperature, humidity, and light-controlled environments. Air exchange is carefully regulated and temperatures are kept below 50° Fahrenheit with a constant humidity level of 50%. No cupboard in your home can duplicate these conditions adequately.


You do not clean a fur coat just because it gets dirty. The number one concern with fur material is that the natural oils in the pelts will dry out. If you feel a fur and then rub your fingers you should be able to feel a very slight oiliness. Dust, pollutants, and airborne particulates are attracted to this and get caught in the hairs of the fur. They then act as a sponge drawing the natural oils out of the pelts. These particles also have an abrasive effect on the hairs of the fur that can wear on the natural shine of the fur over time, causing it to look old and tired. When you clean a fur your primary goal is to remove these materials from the hairs. For this reason, when an expert furrier recommends cleaning your fur yearly, he/she is doing so in your best interest.


Buying a fur piece is an investment whether it is brand new or second hand in many respects it is like buying an antique, it is something that gets better with age and can last a lifetime, if looked after properly. However, tastes, fashions and styles change. Fur garments, like antiques can be remodelled and redesigned to reflect modern trends and look. Many furriers offer a service to remodel, clean and store garments.