FURMARK and Animal Welfare

Guaranteed animal welfare and environmental standards

In 2020, BFTA and its members – working with the International Fur Federation – will launch FURMARK across the UK.

FURMARK is an international mark that will guarantee animal welfare and environmental standards across the entire supply chain, including at the point of sale. FURMARK will ensure and guarantee that each stage of the production process meets strict requirements that reflect various globally recognised animal welfare and sustainability standards.

FURMARK has three key principles that align with what the public expect of a natural, sustainable textile:

1. Science - the certification programs of FURMARK and their individual protocols are all science-based and will be approved by
independent experts

2. Independent inspection - verification of FURMARK will be conducted by third parties and publicly available

3. Transparency - programmes under FURMARK must meet recognised national regulatory standards and international industry standards for truthfulness, transparency, sustainability, relevance, accessibility, efficiency, engagement, impartiality, improvement, and rigor

What does FURMARK mean in practice?

  • Independent welfare standards
  • Traceability
  • Sustainability
  • Transparency
  • External audits and validation
  • Supply chain commitment
  • Consumer confidence


Part of the natural, 'slow' solution to ‘fast’ fashion

Natural fur is inextricably linked to the environment: it is a sustainable material which represents heritage, quality, and individuality. Environmental stewardship is one of the foundations of the contemporary fur trade and fur is part of the solution to the ‘fast' fashion problem.
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An inclusive, accessible, and popular natural material

The public back natural, sustainable textiles; the public back fur. Sales have increased in the UK in recent years; as an inclusive, accessible material, fur features on the high street, in everyday clothing, and at an affordable price point.
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