Tendai Motiwa

Tendai Motiwa is a final year Fashion Design Student from De Montfort University.

‘I love history, I just want to be a story teller I think it’s challenging but it’s beautiful and I enjoy it. Fur is history I believe it has made us who we are today like shelter, clothing in the ancient times fur was important. At the same time I like mixing other fabrics I don’t have a particular fabric I like. Its more adventurous when the concept talks to me and tell me what it wants/needs. I believe fashion is art and Art is Freedom to me personally.’

As for my collection I watched a documentary called “Children of Hitler” were he took young kids and made them soldiers. I personally felt like he exposed the aggressive side of an innocent child/person that they didn’t know yet, so I tilted my concept “Exposure Of Malevolent”. To move forward with the idea I found an artist called Ivan Albright who is a magic realist painter and artist, most renowned for his self-portraits, character studies, and still life.  I was caught with his attention to detail and it led me to do my textiles 3D of a face young boy using different colours of fur and embroidery. My aim was to show a face being exposed out of a German military silhouette with a twist. It was fun.’

Tendai's Collection