Fur Talks

Thursday 24th September 2015

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Our work with students, universities and colleges continues to be a top priority. By providing factual information about fur production and the fur industry students gain an objective and informed view on topics such as, sustainability, ethics, animal welfare, fur production and processing and traceability.  We are happy to provide speakers to come along to talk to students and give them the opportunity to ask questions. These talks are balanced, transparent and very interesting!

I simply wanted to say that I thought the talk you gave was brilliant! It was informative, objective , and backed up well, which I must commend you on. Unfortunately there is still an amplified stigma attached to the production of fur, and I think it takes a lot not just to stand up for the use of fur, but to also educate people about it, as many people can be close minded, and even aggressive when discussing fur.’   Quote from student, November 2015

We are also working to help develop students technical skills – a mix of the traditional and the innovative.  We do this by working with college staff and technicians to strengthen the fur component of courses, running practical workshops and arranging demonstrations with BFTA furriers. If you are interested in either of the above please talk to us.