BFTA Member of The Month – Philippa London

Tuesday 13th November 2018

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Introducing, BFTA Member – Philippa London

 How did you start out in the fur trade?

I have always worked in the fashion industry; womenswear buying, sourcing and personal styling. I had noticed the beauty of Fur from a very early age, but felt is was unattainable.  Four years ago, after wearing my late Grandmother’s mink jacket to a spectacular party, the idea for Philippa London and ‘beautiful pieces from natural beginnings’ began.

It has always been important to me to work with the best craftsmanship, using the finest fabrics and materials and manufacturing using local skills.  It was obvious from the outset that I would need to work closely with experienced British Fur Trade Association Furriers on re styling vintage mink coats into cushions and throws.  The range has developed into new, responsibly sourced fur pieces and restyling of vintage furs into garments and accessories.



What do you love most about working with fur?

I love the pure natural beauty of fur, it’s movement and softness.  If treated with care and love fur can become beautiful pieces that last a life time and more.  Beautifully crafted pieces look stunning and can become an heirloom passed to future generations.


What does Sustainability mean to you?

The rise of man made fibres and disposable fashion and our increasing awareness of the damage this is wreaking to our planet – both in terms or harmful manufacturing processes and micro plastics polluting the environment and food chain, is a massive issue for our industry and our planet.  Sustainability is a critical issue for all of us.  At Philippa London we use natural fur and natural materials for the vast majority of our production.  This ensures we mitigate as far as possible any environmental damage in the production process, and our garments are able to used for many years and in many cases across generations.  Because we use local manufacturing our shipping footprint is low and all of our production is biodegradable.




What do you see as the Challenges?

Fur is definitely a choice and not one that is for everyone, and you must understand this.  In working with the British Fur Trade Association we have the most stringent guidelines on responsibly sourcing fur and in buying only from accredited operators we know that our fur is ethically sourced.



Instagram: @philippalondon

Contact Philippa London for remodelling of vintage furs and own collection and cleaning.