Myth 1

As any pet owner knows, the condition of an animal’s coat is one of the first and clearest indications of the care that the animal is receiving. A fur farmer’s livelihood depends upon ensuring that his animals receive the best possible feeding, sanitary housing and care that the animals’ eventual dispatch is humane, quick and painless. Millions of dollars are invested in objective scientific research to ensure the optimum animal welfare standards for fur animals.

Fur Summer School


Fur Europe and Hellenic Fur Federation in cooperation organised a Fur Creativity Summer School in Greece, located in the “fur-historically” significant Macedonia area. This pilot project brings together young people from diversified roles in the whole fur production chain like fashion people, animal technicians, economists and retailers, and it aims to promote fur industry for young people as well as empower the fur business entrepreneurship.

We are proud to say out of the 25 attendees, 3 of which are UK sponsored and also BFTA Associate Members.

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