Design Competition

BFTA Design Competition – take the first steps towards Milan!

If you are a budding young designer and are interested in exploring with fur, then this is for you. Fur is opulent, beautiful and incredibly versatile to design with and we aim to inspire and inform students and young designers as they begin their journey with fur.

The aim of our competition is to encourage students to be innovative in design, to explore the exciting and creative possibilities that fur gives to design but also to learn about fur and how it is produced.  Enter Now

Participants are asked to create a collection of garments incorporating the use of fur. We select around 10 finalists who are invited to attend a one-day workshop at the BFTA. They receive a detailed introduction to the fur industry including information on sustainability and production methodology, one-to-one expert feedback on their designs and bespoke training in one of our member’s workrooms.

Prizes include an amazing expenses-paid trip to ‘Studio NAFA’ in Toronto for a week long skills developing workshop, a place at Rebecca Bradley’s Fur Summer School in London.

For the competition brief and full details of prizes please contact us.

2018 Results:

First Prize: Gabriela Ratomskaja from University for the Creative Arts, Rochester

Second Prize: Tasmin Blaney from Manchester Metropolitan University

Third Prize: Eliza Cseri from University of Huddersfield

Special Recognition awarded to: Mollie Hawkesford from University of Lincoln

In 2014 our BFTA Winner, Altynai Osmoeva, representing the UK competed against young designers from across the globe and went on to win the Silver Award at REMIX. Read Altynai’s blog about the BFTA competition and her experience representing the UK.

In 2016 BFTA winner, Edda Gimnes, was awarded the Bronze Prize at REMIXRead more here.

Quotes from students following our competition finalists’ workshop day:

‘The day was a wonderful interactive experience for me and especially to be a part of it, it just made me feel privileged to be there.’                                                               

 ‘I found looking at all the samples really useful as it gave me more inspiration and I didn’t know how many different techniques there was to give different effects. I also found it interesting learning how to cut and sew fur. ‘ 

‘I found the tutorials really helpful because it was great to have a fresh pair of eyes look at my work and give advice on what could be developed further – the techniques and advice given will definitely help me develop my portfolio for my degree.’ 

 ‘Everything was so inspiring! It was very motivating to meet real industry professionals. Especially informative having a one-on-one tutorial and listening to valuable feedback. To also view the techniques in person brought it to life; it soon became very realistic and able to comprehend the possibilities.’

‘I thought the activities of the entire day truly complimented one another, from seeing the different furs and contemporary techniques to cutting and sewing furs.’

If you would like to enter this exciting competition, or receive further details then apply here.   Students and young designers should contact us with details of the college they are studying at and name of the course.

Read a blog post by our 2018 Winner here! 

Winners/Past Winners

Gabriela Ratomskaja

First Prize Winner


Gabriela is a final year BA (Hons) Fashion student at University for the Creative Arts, Rochester.


As an artist and menswear designer with my work I am always aiming to touch current world issues to bring awareness about it to the modern world societies trapped in the bubble of a perfect world in the matrix of their social media. To send the message to the people who may not have thought about it or have heard of it but chose to ignore. Therefore, my capsule collection ‘Welcome to the desert of real’ for the BFTA competition’18 was build around constant war condition in Afghanistan.

The final design was created taking inspiration from both Afghan men daily clothes and uniforms of American soldiers. Even though, the climate in Afghanistan is really warm, winters may be bitterly cold and due to poverty and the lack of warm clothes people are suffering from cold wrapping themselves in layers of thin cloths. The final coat with the mixture of earth-toned colours, textured print looking fabric, soft furs, metal fastenings and elastic drawstring cords is meant to represent the clash of harsh world and softness of the will to have a peaceful life. It is hoped to be worn by a confident, thoughtful, intelligent, calm and rational man willing to make a difference, to make a change in this world.